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yanchus17":1pmhyav0 said:
MrSpectrum":1pmhyav0 said:
2. Try different wattage basking floods (not spots). Getting heat & basking lighting right can take some trial & error.

So a 150 Watt Intense Basking spot - I am assuming they are "spots" because they are more focused? What type of basking flood do you recommend? Will that help with overall temperature as opposed to using a "spot"
Yes, a spot is just that--like a spotlight on an entertainer. The heat is concentrated within a small circle with little outside that circle. If the circle is big enough, that may be OK.
A flood is hotter in the center, but graduates toward the edges, providing a gradient.

I use an incandescent household floodlight. Because mine is also at an angle rather than straight overhead, it also stretches the "circle" into an ellipse, and provides a pretty wide range of temps as shown in the pic.

Sometimes (like right after eating) ZaRDoZ prefers the warmer side of his platform (closer to the light) but other times, he prefers the low-mid 90s further from the light. His choice. :wink:

Temps in the pic are in Celsius.


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yanchus17":1o2jysr1 said:
I am having a bit of time trying to get a nice gradient and looking for advice/help. I have two 150 watt intense basking spot bulbs. His basking area is measuring nicely but the middle is only at about 83F and the cool end is tool cool at 73F.

1 - Should I get rid of the second basking bulb and get a different type?

2- Should I put a small light over the cool end to bring up the temperature?
It looks (from diagram) & sounds like you have a massive heat-loss problem.
The Atasuki, if all glass, may still have this issue.

I would try insulating as I described previously before messing with any of that.
If it's the look of the insulation/corrugated cardboard that's off-putting, it can be painted, covered or decorated almost any way you like. The only caveat there is to keep the side facing the interior a light neutral (sand?) color (or design) so it doesn't enhance any reflections that may cause stress.


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I was wondering if you guys could share how to set up a fan to run when it gets above a certain temperature. Any good tutorials you would recommend? Cheers.


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