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Yesterday, I came home and saw Ardie had laid a single egg outside his hide with a bit of poop on it. The only other thread I could find about a beardie laying a single egg involves a clearly gravid one. But not only is his belly still pretty flat, but I don't feel any other eggs. Granted, the first time he laid eggs he also didn't look gravid, but I could clearly palpate the eggs before he laid them. And I think I did feel something round days ago before he popped that egg, but nothing else. He is, however, tearing up his enclosure and headbobbing a lot, behaviors he did the last time he was gravid.

I guess my question is if it's possible for beardies to sometimes just lay a single egg. He's 2 years old and as mentioned, he laid his first clutch last month. Could it be normal at this age?

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Still hyper and digging around today. Still not feeling any eggs in the belly.

Seriously, has anyone had the experience of a beardie laying just one egg and no other?

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Yes, sometimes, they do lay just one egg, but most of the time there are more to follow.
The infertile eggs are harder to feel or see. If she is still digging or restless then chances
are she will most likely lay more.
Be sure she is getting adequate calcium intake to help out her system.


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