Only one basking lamp for babies exist?

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Hi, I'm wondering which basking lamp to use for my beardie. I'm new and made a mistake to buy a CHE as sun, but I want to correct it and get it right this time.
He's 8-10 weeks old.

I currently have a CHE 150W but I heard it's better to have a Basking lamp.
My terrarium is 20'' x 20'' x 39''
Currently the CHE does a good job at the heating and provides comfortable heats gradients and basking spot.
Tho, I think the basking spot is too much in the air, it's like at 4-5 '' from the CHE. So I want to move it down.
I also have a UVB 34'' tube 10.0 T5HO mounted on the inside.

I read a lot about the different basking lights, but none of them seems to do the trick.

Here's my though :
For the PowerSun, I can't find any heat distance. As it seems, it emits UVB which can cause disorders if the BD is standing too close to the lamp, tho my baby beardie needs 105-110F which is a LOT imo. Internet and this group says it is safe to place the basking spot at 11'' from the lamp, but what about the heat? Will it be at 105-110F around 11'' from the lamp?

It's the same thing about the Exo terra's ones. For example the SOLAR GLO PT2192 - 125W, outputs a 95F at 4'' from it according to their website. I mean that isn't close to my BD needs. So I sould need the 160W version? But it's not even enough ! At 4'' it's 102F ?? which is the max for solarglo.

And then I found Intense basking spot, from Exo-Terra as well for which the temperatures seems to fit better. the 150W version outputs a 109F at 8'' from it. And the 100W version outputs 102F at 8'' from it.

So according to this, for babies, Solar Glo and PowerSun are just really bad heater (They can burn the baby by UVB and cannot output the correct amount of heat)? and the winner should be intense basking spot for the reason it can go deeper in the cage?

Sources : Only UVB records for that one

What do y'all think?


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It's true that babies need higher basking temperatures than adults, but your concerns about each bulb are valid. Most experienced reptile keepers don't even use the basking bulbs marketed by the big brands. All you need is a halogen floodlight bulb of a high enough wattage to achieve the temperatures you're looking for on your basking platform. At a distance of 11-12", a 100w bulb should be strong enough to do the trick.


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HylianHealeys":h8xjxbky said:
a 100w bulb should be strong enough to do the trick.

Hi, thank you for the response, I'm currently looking into buying that kind of light : halogen floodlight bulb 100W, but I can't seem to find one. The best i've seen is like 80W equivalent to 100W. So it's not 100W. Everytime i get the halogen floodlight bulb 100W, it's on but it says it's discontinued? Any Idea where I could buy that? Does an 80W Equivalent to a 100W do the trick? I live in Canada, so I checked Rona, Canadian Tire, Walmart, and and still couln't find any 100W. Even doesn't have a 100W.

Anyone else from canada is buying those? If yes, where?
Otherwise, i'll buy the Intense basking spot
Thank you !

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The outdoor halogen flood lights provide more heat with less wattage. Usually in a small tank a 65-70w is good. In my larger tank I use a 90w and it produces basking temps from 24'' up easily.

This is what I have but you may need to try some different wattages to see what works best in your setup.

This is just for heat though. I still use a T5 UVB tube for UVB. I like to be able to control heat and UVB output independently in the main tank due to the headaches you're already noting trying to get the right combination with the MVBs. I do use MVBs as portable and travel lamps though. I have 2 - 100w MegaRay bulbs that sit 10-12'' off the floor and produce a good amount of UVB and heat. You'd need a higher wattage to mount at a greater distance but the bulbs are very high quality. The downside is that they produce a relatively narrow beam and I don't find it wide enough for an adult to bask under evenly which is important for extended periods (and why I prefer a 22'' T5 tube for the main basking area).

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Generally the higher wattage the more lumens. The one I use is 1790 which is pretty bright in a tank.
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