One month: making progress with Sully


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It's been just a little over a month since I brought Sully home. He's about 10 weeks old now, and growing fast. When I first got him, he wasn't terrified of me—would eat Dubias from my hand on day one—but ran away from me whenever I tried to get him to climb on my hand.

I continued to hand-feed him, and did carefully pick him up most days and hang out with him in the bathtub so he could run around and climb on me. Mostly he tried to climb up the sides/escape. Then I started taking him out at lights-out, and holding him.

I'm not sure what finally clicked, but a few days ago he kept coming over to the front of his viv and looking at me. I opened the door, and put my hand in front of him, flat. He ran onto it! I took him out and we hung out in the bathroom for a while. He ran around and explored, and I held him up to the window so he could be in the sun and look outside. He still wants to run around a lot, but no longer seems like he's trying to get away from me. Pretty much every day now, there will be a point where he comes to that one front corner of his viv and if I go offer my hand he'll usually come right over and walk onto it. I It's so cool!

Take heart, everyone with new babies. It seemed like I wasn't making any progress for weeks, and then, suddenly he started to want to come out.

(I still can't get him to eat greens, no matter what I do. I've tried all the tricks with bee pollen, BSFL, etc. Hoping eventually that will come, as he gets older. But he loves his Dubias, BSFLs, silkworms and hornworms. And I'm gut loading the Dubias with the greens I wish he'd eat!)

I just adore this little guy—they're such special animals.


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YAY!!! i was wondering how things were going. this is great to hear! he looks good.

for the salads, just keep putting them in there. he'll eat them eventually. right now the bugs are what is going to make him grow to be big and strong. it's possible he's sneaking little bites when you're not paying attention too. henry still does that to this day! gives us this look like, "what, i'm just LOOKING at this salad on my way by. nothing to see here."


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He is a very cute dragon. Have patience and remember to him you are a giant. It take time to win their trust and longer for them to bond, but it's SO worth it!

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Great job, it sounds like he has really settled in well with you! They are very sweet, absolutely.
He looks terrific, very happy.
You could try chopping up small pieces of fruit or bell peppers, to mix in with his greens to see
if that may entice him. Some will even put in bee pollen in their salads to give an aroma to help
with them eating their greens, too.


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