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My female has only laid one clutch so far this season, compared to her 4 last year, and she doesn't seem to be gearing up to lay anymore. It's been 3 wks since the 1st and she looks perfectly normal. Her first cluch had 34 eggs but 6 of them were slugs right from the start and a few more looked very questionable and soft and eventually started to mold. I now have 22 eggs that are doing very well, bright white, nice and hard, little pink veins all through them. Wonder why so many were duds though and why only one clutch. Should I reintroduce the male again?


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Only if you want to overbreed her.
Sometimes the need a longer break.
She laid 4 last year. 1 this year. Thats a message.


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I'm not overly concerned whether or not she does lay anymore, I was looking for advise or opinions from people who have been breeding them longer. Of course I wouldn't want to over breed her, why would I? I thought perhaps she didn't retain enough sperm and needed to be reinrtoduced, or perhaps a single clutch in a season is more regular then I thought, or maybe after a large laying season the next tends to be less. You don't know if you dont ask. The point of this forum is for people to be able to ask questions. I breed other species of herps but this is only my 2nd year for breeding my dragons so I was looking for input from someone with more experience. In this case if reintroducing her is bad then I'm glad I asked where as other people may have just done it.


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I'll just leave her be :) This is my last year breeding her so from now on she'll get all the break she wants.
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