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I was in petsmart today with my bearded and the guy that take cares of them said they have one in the back about the smae size as mine, I ask to see him/her and he said yes so he when in and bought out the nice Bearded I have seen nice and FAT eating greens and Crixs. I know most ppl dont like pet store pets, but we have one of the few places that know how to take care of there reptiles. They never have a bunch in one tank, I have only seen 1 or 2 in a tank, that is on ship days, I go there alot LOL. Well anyways he looks like a leatherback with some nice oragen on him. We said if he not gone buy christmass we will bring him home. That is the next time we will have the extra money for other one. I dont like petco around here there reptiles does not look good.


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Interesting, my boyfriend and I were in petsmart today buying accessories for our beardies. Every time we go, there is a bearded dragon about 5-6 months old who appears healthy. The manager of the reptiles named him Mr. Crabs, apparently he was returned by a customer who didn't like his attitude. He bit her once and she brought him back. The manager said he was crabby at first, but is now a sweet lovable dude. The manager believes the customer had an improper set up, due to lack of heat and uvb he became cranky. Anyway he's as sweet as can be, although he's stuffed in to a 5 gallon tank. We decided if he's still there in a few months we are definitely bringing him home. I believe petsmart is taking decent care of him, minus the tank size of course.


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The pet smart where I live seem to take care of their beardies good. The one lady that works there sure knows about beardies. She is always asking if I do this or that, which I do. I always check out the babies and make sure everything is good with them. I got some wax worms as treats for my girl, and she said " you know they are fatty and shouldn't be used as live food" and I said, yes I know but Booger hasn't been eating a whole lot lately so I want to give her a few here and there. Booger really isn't into wax worms, she will eat a couple once in a while. I feel good going in there and having people know about beardies.


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Have they taken care of him his entire life or was he just returned or given to them.
There are owners who try to give their pets to pet stores and vet clinics.
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