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Mattcha and Nessie
Found this old hutch on marketplace. Pick it up tomorrow planning on remodeling for Nessie when he is older.

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Mattcha and Nessie


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That will make an interesting " tall " enclosure. I like them lower but some people have used taller furniture. You might find ideas in the " enclosures " forum or you can flag Claudius, Cooperdragon or Taterbug.


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Hiccup he is 4 and Blaze is 3
Any suggestions on heat/light set ups? That is the problem w repurposing. Lol
I would go w/ a Arcadia Pro T 5 w/ a 14% bulb -- distance would need to be approx 17-18 inches directly above the basking decor piece - I would use the 24 inch fixture- -- your basking bulb needs to be a clear solid bright white bulb like Flukers --- Zoo Med Repti basking --- Arcadia Halogen ---- or a Zoo Med Intense bulb --- your going to need 2 digital probe thermometers for sure one on the hot side for basking and one on a cool side of the tank --- that probe would need to be placed on the spot where the dragon is going to be basking --- its going to be trial and error for the basking bulbs -- you want temps 95-100 for a 6 month old - adult dragon


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I’ve seen tall enclosures with a “slide” stabled on the hot side under the heat lamp, so the beardie have access to the hottest spot easily and can adjust as they wish. But there’s also the issue of uvb exposure. Essentially just make sure it fits everything Karrie posted, you can get creative with it :D


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I agree, just follow Karrieree's advice and you should be just fine.

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