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Old corn snake..

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Hey everyone, 
I've got an old corn snake. She's already exceeded the average lifespan. Recently, she's slowed down a lot, is refusing food, and has lost all her spunk. 
Her color has also dulled a lot(she just shed a week and a half ago and sheds 3-4 times a year) in the past few days. Her former vibrant reds and yellows have faded a lot. She's been cage aggressive and aggressive in general for three years, since we got her. She is no longer aggressive at all. In the three years we've had her, she's NEVER refused food until this past month, even when she was in shed. 
Is she dying? 


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I don't know anything about snakes, but a change like that would have me concerned. She may be ill or just fading with old age. You might check with a vet but I'm not sure if there is anything to do.
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