Okay, I'm convinced....

Rocky is a male. I need to do the light test 1 more time but all of the tendencies definitely point that way.
I am also convinced we are going through puberty and he's going through separation anxiety as I spend every moment with him so when I leave him for more than 1 hour he has a temper tantrum.
Rocky turns black in color (the lights are fine) as you see in the second picture, he just got to the window and was not happy when I took him out.
As soon as I pet him in the enclosure, he lightens up. Or of course, as soon as I give him what he wants, he lightens up. See picture too.
Rocky also goes to the corner of his enclosure as if he puts himself on timeout and looks back at me to make me feel bad (yet it works) or he lays on his swing and begins to look so sad! see picture- He will stay there for hours and eventually sleep there if I don't give in. As it's on the warm side, I say, "You'll be okay" and move on.
My concern is I would get Rocky to play in his play pen daily and now he's fascinated with the window, he sits (rotates) then sits in the window all day. See attached picture. I pulled the shade down to deter him but you see how much that worked, LOL!
I can see the weight picking up and at 6 months....he's probably 5 years old (joke) so I want to ensure his nutritional needs are met, but health is always at the forefront of my mind, and I am starting to see a spread in the mid-area.
Rocky is demanding about his intake. I can control him but I can't control how I feel about him:love: I hate to see him upset and I know he's not hungry every hour on the hour.


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So yesterday when Rocky was fighting his shadow before bed, isn't he supposed to bob? He waved in submission then when that didn't work, he glass surfed to get at him. Trust me, I am so glad he didn't bob- I didn't know if this was normal or my beardie is just THAT tough and wanted to go for it LOL


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It is normal for the younger ones, once he is older he will likely be much bolder. I think once you see him bobbing a few times you'll think it's funny, i love when Zen does it.


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It is normal for the younger ones, once he is older he will likely be much bolder. I think once you see him bobbing a few times you'll think it's funny, i love when Zen does it.
He just ran from himself again and into his enclosure. That means beardie-free bed tonight. It really scared him today because he hid under a shirt. I am terrified of the bob...no thank you. As much love as I show Rocky, as soon as he runs towards me head first, I still back up...it's something about the triangular head:LOL: Now I can go to him, he climbs all over me but that direct position and bob...no thank you! And you know if Rocky knew I was scared, he's have me carrying him from point a to b because there's nothing else left for me to doLOL

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