Okay, I'm convinced....

Rocky is a male. I need to do the light test 1 more time but all of the tendencies definitely point that way.
I am also convinced we are going through puberty and he's going through separation anxiety as I spend every moment with him so when I leave him for more than 1 hour he has a temper tantrum.
Rocky turns black in color (the lights are fine) and as soon as I touch him, he lightens up.
My concern is I would get Rocky to play in his play pen daily and now he's fascinated with the window, he sits (rotates) then sits in the window all day. See attached picture. I pulled the shade down to deter him but you see how much that worked, LOL!
I can see the weight picking up and at 6 months....he's probably 5 years old (joke) so I want to ensure his nutritional needs are met, but health is always at the forefront of my mind, and I am starting to see a spread in the mid-area.
Rocky is demanding about his intake. I can control him but I can't control how I feel about him:love: I hate to see him upset and I know he's not hungry every hour on the hour.


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