ok so im finally doing it, but just before i start.....

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Ok so ive been reading about all the really pretty fake rocks/walls etc, and have plucked up the courage to finnaly make my own. Ive got sand coloured grout, and a water based sealant to finish, but i have one question, do you perminantly fix them in the cage, or are they removable??

if you take them out are the taller one stable enough for a fully grown dragon. Gizmo is a real climber hence the reason to make one! :?


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They are removable. Once you put the grout and everything on they are quite stable. if you feel it is not stable enough you can always add an additional leg or two for support :D


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Mine was actually still kind of flimsy with the grout on. I think it was because I used 2 different types of styrofoam. One type was the usualy kind you find, breaks apart really easily and millions of the little balls come out. The other type was way thicker, hard to break apart with my hands, and I'm thinking the 'balls' were smaller and way more compacted.
Anyways, after I put the 3 layers of sealer on it was just like rock, heavy and so hard that no beardie would break it. So just keep that in mind, I thought with just the grout it would be solid enough so I was a little rough when moving it around and cracked and chipped off a bunch of the grout lol


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well i tried all weekend, but the no nails just wouldnt stick!! i spent 4 hours just trying to get a shape together before giving up!! i think im gonna try PVA though, ive got all the stuff, i just need the time to sit down and try again!!


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If your need to stick pieces of styrofaom together use a foam board adheasive. There are a number of makers, I've used the loctite brand. You can find it any any home improvement store.
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