Ok Fess up! Funny "pet names" for our beardies...

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You know you have one!!! Let's hear em!!!!

Ok, I'll start...

My baby Taz sometimes gets called Razzamataz... or lately.... Tazzy Wazzy Boom Boom!!!!! :roll: :lol:

What do you call YOUR little sweeties????



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Oscar is Oscar doodle bug, or Doody for short. Sometimes Calypso gets called Little Doody because of it, LOL Other than that I just use her name shortened a bit, Clyp or Lypso (when using baby talk, LOL)


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Chimera is *fat boi* cause he has one heck of a budda belly lol
Zero is *Old man* since hes 6 to 7 yrs old and is stuborn and set in his ways :?
Roo is *Rooie* or *beardie on crack* shes a zoomer oh and she can jump out of everything :shock:
Lexi is *Buggar butt* shes so picky and loves to not eat anything you give her!


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Ponce gets called "Fat Boy Slim" and Feliz gets "Feliz Blah-blee-Blah" (it's a Pee Wee Herman reference)


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Vinny gets called...Vinvin, little lady, or dumdum (usually gets that one when she does something which results in her complete surprise - example:running off of the coffee table and being completely surprised when she lands on the floor)


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I knew this would be a fun topic!!!! LOVE all the cute names!!!! Keep em coming!!!! Im grinning from ear to ear here! LOL



Our poor dragon never even got his real name - he was nicknamed BeardieBob and it's stuck! He does occassionally get called frog-face though. Poor thing!


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We have a big girl named Dos? My son named her that because she had big "2" on her belly when we got her. She has gotten really big and looks like she has a double chin. She gets called Dozer on a regular basis.


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My little beardie Flick gets called Flicker and sometimes Flicker doodles and when he has a stinky one and I need to give him a bath he gets called stinky bum. I have some for my cats as well...Stinky gets called stinky bear and sometimes porkchop because he is stout and pudgy. Sammi my other cat gets called Sammikins and because he is so mischevious and does really dumb stuff he often gets called a bad word (something smelly)with head at the end. (Sorry I do not want to get a bad email for swearing.)

I am glad to know that I am not the only person to give my pets silly nicknames!!


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What a fun thread ^_^
I dont think there is a single one of us that doesnt use a soppy pet name every now and then!

Ruben often becomes:
Rubey, Captain Cranky, or Popa Ruben (to the laydaaaays)

Miso is just Miso or Creamcake. Those who know Miso will know why :lol:



Ours are all named after Harley Davison parts or bikes....Except for Twinkles who is also called "momma kitty", we have "Fat Boy", Shovel Head, Knuckle Head, Kicker, Saddle Bags, and nightstir(probly not spelled right, and this is our other cat).


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lol these are quite amusing, nothing really special with my pet names though

Venus gets called sweetheart, little chunk and miss yellow head
Mischief gets called trouble, little git, rascal, mr moody, umpy, beautiful boy and mr attitude

am liking this thread
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