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I walked by Harlee's house today and her tail was missing! I soon realized that she was in a burrowing mood and had covered her tail in the sand somehow. I went on my way, but for the next 30 minutes I still heard burrowing. When I came back by I half expected for her to have buried herself in the sand. But no, she was standing proudly next to her creation...

There was a tall mountain of sand in the center of the viv with an inch deep trench around it in a circle. And on top of the mountain was feces!! :shock:
What is wrong with my dragon!! :banghead: Was she just burrowing around it so she wouldn't get dirty? Or was she building a shrine to poo? :D


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:lol: This made me laugh so hard I earned a glare from the dragon trying to use my baby bump as a pillow. :)


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A few dragons dig at night time to give themself a comfy secure little rut to hide in, but day time digging? Maybe she's just a rebel.
Do you have a hide in her viv at all? Sometimes they do dig because they want somewhere to hide. Some dragons dig because they are getting ready to lay eggs... and some dig for the JOY of digging! hehe.

My girl digs in the run up to her laying. She isnt proud of herself though like your little minx, she looks at me like she's been "caught in the act" though.

Sorry to hijack your thread but i thought you might appriciate the dragon mid-dig action!


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She is an odd one. Absolutely I have a very nice hide for her and she isn't pregnant. Just silly!
Cute picture. She's like "what I wasn't doin anything"


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:laughhard: :laughhard: :laughhard:
A shrine to poop..well we do get excited about poop around here so why not.
All Hail Poop :notworthy:

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Yup, she thinks that if we're all going to get so excited about poo, she might as well present it nicely! What a funny dragon. :lol:


ha ha! thats so funny! it actually made me laugh out loud! :lol:
It reminds me of Smokey, who does crazy stuff like that all the time!


My beardie was digging alot when i first got it. Then i got this cool little desert like hut to hide in and he promptly dug 99% of the sand out from inside the little house and hides in there with his face sticking out watching me in my room occasionally he'll dig elsewhere but i guess he just wanted his own little grotto to hide in.

Also i found out my guy loves tiny crickets...maybe the ones i had were just too big. they fit the "between the eyes" test but he didnt attack them much. I just put 20 or so tiny ones in his cage and hes tearing them up. He did an aerial assualt on one when i put them in his cage. he jumped off his little tree thing he basks on and went on the prowl. Im really starting to enjoy this little guy.
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