Odin's Thread 04-09-12

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reptilegyrl":241kxzwa said:
i wanna seeee! omg congrats michael he's adorable!! :blob8:
Thank you. :wink:
I left the suction cup in there for comparison ...

LOL at the baby hornworm.


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Michael why in the world is there a baby hornworm on Odins hammock!!!



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hahaha the worm is safe....for now as the dragon sleeps! lol ur so lucky i want to buy more beardies!

I dont remember if i told you this before, but when i brought baby Cupid home my nephew looked at my sister dead serious asked her how old she had to be before she could breathe fire... :mrgreen: i luv me some baby fire breathing dragons! lol


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<3 That was the most disappointing thing about the show, no baby hornworms. The smallest they had were prolly two inches. >:[ Grr and the woman selling them was a bit... odd. She said they would be fine for Star, and that if I took out the hornworm food and put them in the door of the fridge for a day they would shrink or some such nonsense. People make my brain hurt. The long and short is did you have to hatch the eggs to get such small ones, or did you order online somewhere?

Sorry to hijack. :oops: Odin is still ridiculously adorable!


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i have bought hornworms from two stores in my area that were very very small. they got to be 4 in long though!


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Just couldn't handle all the baby pics we are all posting so you went and got one ;) He is so cute Michael! And I'm going to hope he is a she just to give us something more to root for hehe

It's going to be interesting how your varied diet makes this one grow! BTW I love the name.


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Awwww they are just so cute when they are sleeping.

Oh, btw, I re-weighed Baby without the tub, just a lid and he weighed 3 grams!! :shock:


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Odin made a poop this morning so hopefully he will start eating more. I seen him eat 1 little worm so far today.


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Oh. My. Gosh. Odin is beyond adorable! Love that sweet baby face. I noticed Petco had some darling, tiny leatherbacks and was sooo tempted. Fortunately, my hubby was with me and literally dragged me to the other side of the store. He's such a meany! You are so lucky, Michael!!! The photos are super! I can get my baby fix without buying pinheads :)

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