odd 'prolapse?' a while back

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months ago (maybe 5\6 or so) i was sitting at home and my beardie was looking at her self in a mirror, she was wiggling her tail/bum, head bobbing a bit and had a small; semi black beard. then she got real ridged and looked very awkward, went full black beard. immediately after this a large red mass protruded from her rectum about 1/2", it looked intestinal and she quit breathing during this. i immediately grabbed her and my keys and ran to the car, there is a vet about 10 min away (i made it in 4). in the truck i held her in one hand flat against the center console. she started to breath as i was getting into the truck and while driving the red mass receded back into her. by the time i made it to the vet she was back to her normal self. the vet had no idea what to say and after a quick look said she was fine.

during this time she was drinking and eating well, she had normal bowel movements, later that day she passed stool with out issue and it was not abnormal in size/texture/smell. since then this has not happened again but i was curious as to what might have caused it and if you guys have seen this before?


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I Agree with AHBD. Sounds like male behaviour and I'm pretty sure that you did see a hemipene. Although when my newest beardie Loki accidentally popped one out when pooping it was more of a dark purple color and not a reddish color (He got it back in just fine). :?

Although a prolapse is normally when a part of the body falls out typically due to improper living conditions or health problems. and I doubt that it was a prolapse because he was able to get it back in just fine. I'm pretty sure that he saw the reflection in the mirror and either thought it was a rival or a female and did a dominance display which sometimes might cause male beardies to sometimes occasionally pop out a hemipene when they feel like it.

Btw, Thanks for referencing my post AHBD. :)


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