Odd crust on lips.


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She needs fresh salads every day-- Nutrition Content
ignore the kale info its outdated and its a very good staple
please get her some BSFL or nutri grubs they are a great staple for babies along w/ some dubia roaches
www.dubiaroaches.com -- do not dust the grubs / larvae --- but dust the roaches feed as many BSFL as you want --- you will need a bowl like this to keep them in they make great feeder / salad bowls
You want to get that UVB changed out as soon as you can -- I would shut the coil off and take her outside for some good UVB --- use a plastic tote NO glass it gets too hot --- 15 -30 min in the sun --- do NOT leave her unattended --- it will help w/ the healing process along w/ the honey ---
Ok thank you. What uvb light would be best for you think? I have everything else i need ready to be ordered.
Lmaoo if u seen her irl you'd know she definitely aint thin 🤣 anyways I will try to get that honey asap and if no crickets what should I be feeding her? Thank you so much for the help tho. I very much appreciate it and I'll update you and others on her health.
Please get the honey as soon as you can and do not feed any crickets in the tank or they will go straight to her mouth -- that is shed your looking at -- the mouth should start to heal up w/ the correct UVB and the honey --- please start feeding her by syringe if you haft to she is thin and please keep her hydrated --
I have honey now. How do I apply it on her?


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Hiccup he is 6 and Blaze is 4
Ok thank you. What uvb light would be best for you think? I have everything else i need ready to be ordered.

I have honey now. How do I apply it on her?
The Zoo Med I posted earlier -- I posted a link I believe--- apply the honey w/ a Q tip -- remember NO crickets in the tank-----------That would be a coil- please get a 24" zoo med fixture w/ a 22" reptisun 10.0 T 5 for a 40 gallon tank- www.petmountain.com


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Great, I am glad to hear you were able to get some honey. You mentioned that her mouth area
seems to be looking a little better? Simply either put some honey on a swab or on your finger &
gently apply it to the affected areas. It is safe so getting it in her mouth wont hurt her at all. As
Karrie mentioned, double check your tank to be sure there aren't any loose insects running around
that would be attracted to the honey.
The tube bulbs are much better than a compact/coil light. They have a nicer light spectrum & a safer
UVB frequency, too.


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