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Hello again, everyone! We've taken a little time off from photo competitions, as life got a little too busy for me, but I wanted to make sure to get this month's photo competition kicked off!

This month's theme is "Spooky Beardies". So, pull out your cameras and capture some spooky and creative pictures of your bearded dragons celebrating the spooky season! Dress them up and/or place them in decor (safely)!

Submissions are being accepted from now through Wednesday, October 12th! Voting will be October 13th through October 18th. Winners will be announced on Wednesday, October 19th!

-- Please read all the rules/info below before posting/uploading --

How Do I Submit My Entry?​

Entries can be submitted by simply uploading them to the October Photo Competition media category. You must be registered and logged in to see the green "Add media" button.

Can I Submit a Photoshopped Image?​

Yes. In the past we had separate competitions between "unmodified" pictures and "photoshopped" pictures. We may return to that in the future, but for now, yes you may submit either an "unmodified" picture, or what that you've decorated up with your favorite photo editor!

How Many Can I Upload?​

Please limit your submissions to one photo per person. We used to allow one per dragon, but it felt unfair, in the context of a friendly photo competition, to those who only have one, while a few of you have 4-6 dragons. If you accidentally uploaded more than one photo, please delete the one(s) you didn't want to have submitted.

What Should I Post?​

Pictures of your beardie celebrating the Spooky Season!!! Please include pictures that only have your bearded dragon. Human hands/arms in the picture with your beardie will also be allowed. Ultimately, post whatever spooky beardie picture you think other members will vote for!

What Should I NOT Post?​

Pictures that are not only bearded dragons. No people, cats, dogs, kids, etc. Please keep your submissions limited to bearded dragons! The exception is that human hands/arms can be in the pic with your beardie.

What If I Experience a Problem Uploading?​

Simply reply on this thread. I'll be watching it for any issues people have with the photo competition uploads.

What Do I Get If I Win?​

This competition is mostly just for fun and community! BUT...
  • First prize will get 1 year of ad-free access to the site (not compounded for prior winners, but will extend from date of new competition end).
  • Second prize will get 6 months of ad-free access to the site (not compounded for prior winners, but will extend from date of new competition end).
  • Third prize will get 3 months of ad-free access to the site (not compounded for prior winners, but will extend from date of new competition end).
  • First through third place will also all get a shiny banner/badge next to their name as a "Photo Comp Winner".
If you already enjoy ad-free access due to being an active member (more than 100 posts), I thank you for being a great part of the community, but there is nothing extra beyond the banner/badge.

I'm really looking forward to see what you all come up with! Good luck!


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Ahhh! I’ve been waiting for the next one to pop up! Too bad that I’ve passed 100 posts, and I’ve already got the shiny badge! Well, I do want some bragging rights haha! Time to get the boys all dressed up!

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