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Not seeing results with Ponazuril


I have a 5 month bearded dragon who was having bloody diarrhea. His fecal sample at the vet showed coccidia (I’m not sure at what level), and he was prescribed .1 ml dosage of Ponazuril for two days (he weighed 157 grams at the time). He finished up the doses about a week ago and there has been no change whatsoever to his stool - it’s still diarrhea with spots of blood and lots of mucus. He also has low appetite, although I’ve been providing probiotics. I’ve sterilized the cage multiple times with ammonia, and a steam cleaner. Should I be seeing some sort of result from the medication by now?


BD.org Sicko
Staff member
I'd probably give it another week. Offer plenty of water to keep him hydrated. If you're still seeing the same after the second week, I'd probably have another sample checked by the vet to see where things stand.


BD.org Sicko
Staff member

Are you also giving a probiotic too, just to help out his tummy after the round of medication?
That can help quite a bit. Reptiles recover slowly so do give him some time to get back to
normal. You can also keep him a little warmer overnight, to help boost his immune system.

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