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My baby i got about a week before thanksgiving is still the same exact size as when i got him. he has shed once and thats it. he is not big on eating and eats a few crickets here and there and likes waxies but will have 1 or 2 a day. likes calci worms but still doesnt eat a lot of them. he drinks water out of a syringe from my hand. i dont know how to get him to eat. i want a big healthy dragon but the little brat wont eat! I also have not been taking him out of his tank very much the past 3 weeks while ive been home for break so now hes being a little brat and running like a mad man. today i put him on my bed and he took off JUMPED off the bed and hit the floor running. what do i do?


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How large is he exactly? Do you know how old he is?
He maybe spoiled with the waxies, honestly. They are packed full of fat (though it seems like you know this...just going over everything :? ). I think that even 1 or 2 a day maybe too many, but that's just me. I've heard they are like crack for beardies. Is it possible that he just wants his waxies?
What type of UVB are you using? Do you dust his food? If so, with what? Also, what substrate are you using?
Hmmm...I'm trying to think of other reasons for the lack of appetite. It sounds like he is healthy otherwise, besides the lack of growth. But, have you had him checked for parasites?
What about greens? How are his bowel movements?
Are you concerned that he injured himself when he jumped? If so, that's a totally separate problem, that I can't really offer any advice about, except to take him to the vet to check for internal injuries.
I don't think it's relocation've had him for awhile, though it does take some beardies longer to adjust than others.
You can try other feeders. Hornworms seem to break the "semi-eating-strikes" with my two. There's also butterworms, but they may be a little large for him depending on just how small he is. Hornworms and butters are also expensive, but than again PWs aren't cheap either lol.
Hope that gave you a few ideas and you can get him eating and growing better,
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