Not exactly new/ Coming back to Bearded Dragons

When my son was younger we had 3 different dragons (2 juveniles and an adult). I am pretty sure I did not feed the babies enough. Unfortunately even with help we lost both. Then we lost our house and had to rehome our adult. We now own our own home and in the last 2 months my son and my husband each got a bearded dragon.

My son has Blue, an adult female. She came to us with stunted growth, issues in her front legs (she walked on the sides), she also struggled to climb when we got her and was missing some toes. She is now climbing, walks mostly correctly on her feet and is the sweetest.

My husband has Blaze a juvenile red translucent. He was about a month old when we got him and has shed 3 times. We have had him about 2 months and is doing awesome.

So we are back into bearded dragons. Both our dragons seem to be doing well. And we are super excited to have them, especially since we now know how to feed them and they have a varied diet and I think we know what we are doing


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Lots of fun with a dragon or two [ or three ] in the house ! Looks like on of them is giving a shout out to the forum. :D

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Hi dragonmommy2003! Welcome back to the site! Blaze looks like a feisty one! :)

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I need help my bearded dragon is acting strange when she eats its like she doesnt feel her tongue she walks in a very strange froggy way not like she used to
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