Not eating salad and laying in the dark


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So i’ve had my beardie for a week and he/she doesn’t want salad. I’ve tried everything the bee pollen, feeding by hand, variety in the diet, using insects in the food bowl. Still can’t get a piece of salad in there. The last time she pooped was a week ago. So i’m also worried about that

Also the past 2 days he/she has been laying under the hide digging himself a little in the sand. *Yes i know that sand is super bad and this is the playsand the last owner gave to me and i’m looking for a replacement as soon as possible!!* But i don’t know why. The temperatures are during the day 27C° humidity is between 30 and 40% her basking area is 35C°. Can someone please help?


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AHBD Sicko
Some dragons weren't offered much salad and don't have a taste for it, be patient and try 1-2 X a week and don't worry too much now because beardie is just getting used to a new home. That's also probably the reason he's hiding. He'll probably snap out of it in a little while. It would be good to show a pic of the entire tank and also all the lights you are using just in case you need some different bulbs.

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