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My boyfriend just bought a bearded dragon named spook about a week ago. We are new to this but the first couple of days, spook was fine. We have noticed a slime covering his ear that was not there before, also he has lost alot of weight. We feed him the same food the previous owners fed him and the lighting is the same as well. He doesnt move much and he went from eating at least 10 crickets a day to not even touching any. Please help us we dont want to loose spook!!


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In order to help, I would need to know some basic things like, how old he is, how long have you had him, what are the vivarium temps, what type of lighting are you providing, how big is the enclosure, what have you been feeding him, what type of substrate are you keeping him on, how big is the enclosure, is he pooping? Some other members may have some other questions. I really think it is important that you find a reptile vet in your area and also take him there for an exam. I know it is expensive, but it may save your little man's life.

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I have to agree withTatty, the only thing I wanted to stress even more is to have him seen ASAP...esp if he is still a baby! Wt loss in babies (any kind) is not an afforded comodity. Also, be SURE to keep him hydrated by MISTING him. Not eating isn't as detrimental to them as becoming dehydrated. That can rapidly lead to a fatal situation for your little guy. Until you have more info from a vet, I wouldn't submerge in water due to what you describe regarding his ear. He may have some type of bacterial infection, and submerging in water can worsen this malady...not to mention cause a painful situation for him. One other thing I would recommend is to write down answers to all the questions Tatty mentioned, and then bring it with you to the vet so they get the most information and then better direct you in providing care for him. Work fast at this, and best of luck. Please keep us posted...Jackie
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