Not eating and hiding more.


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So buddy has been recently for the past week been hiding in his box and going to sleep early, he basks too but he wont eat sometimes i has to make him eat. he rarely eats his mealworms, im not sure if it because im not buying pure organic kale or whats going on i hand fed him some carrot strips today, if anyone can let me know whats going on id appreciate it, its currently 6pm and hes already trying to go to bed. thank you
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Hiccup he is 6 and Blaze is 4
I'm so sorry for this late reply he's doing so much better, he's eating more and basking more, I thank you, guys, enough for letting me know that he wasn't getting enough UVB, but is it possible for him to..have a lower IQ I've seen other bearded dragons behave differently than him, more entertaining, he's not that way, I tried training him when he was a baby but he wouldn't do anything.
It's his personality


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They are definitely all different in their mannerisms & personalities.
Does he go to his cave area or just go lay in a corner to curl up? Is he eating very much
right now?

yeah he goes in his cave and just rests from time to time when he doesn't wanna bask anymore and yes he's eating a lot more and being active in the bath tub instead of just looking at me and turning black he's always yellow

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