not a beardie but cute anyway!

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hi. i havent been on here in awhile. been to darn busy with work and life. just bought a house this year and everything just alot of stress! all my beardies are doing great! and of course now that we have more space we needed to add a new reptile!.i thought i would share some pictures! meet jinx he is a baby asian water monitor. jinx's arrival here is a bit sad because we had purchased a water monitor and a iguana from a vendor from a week ago and the water monitor arrived skinny and sick with a nasty RI. the iguana was all beat up and skinny too. tim was only with us from tuesday until sunday when he passed away. jasper the iguana is doing ok. since we lost tim we decided to name the new one jinx. jinx arrived yesterday from florida herps and i am very pleased with him.




and heres a picture of poor little tim(RIP) and jasper.
as you can see tim was thin.what i really noticed was how thin and bony his tail was. theres a HUGE difference between tim and jinx.





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How neat! Asian water monitors can be a handful though - let us know how he grows up =)

and congrats! its unfortunate about Tim though =/ Some of those websites just aren't as reputable as others.

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