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How young do you need to start helping bearded dragons with their nose plugs from shedding? Mine is maybe a month old. Just finished shedding but I’m not sure if I need to help with his nose?


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You should never pull on their shed, especially in sensitive areas like nose and ears. What is your humidity level?
If they are having trouble with shed they may need a little more humidity.
Also maybe give him something to rub against.
Beardies are pretty good at taking care of themselves and really don't need us to help with the natural stuff. If he has stuck shed that just won't let go you can try a warm soak or coco butter ect. You can also use a soft babies toothbrush in the soak but be gentle. But as far as nose ears, and eyes you can hurt them if you pull on that.

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I completely agree with XP minus the need for raising humidity. I've never found that to be the case in my experience. I personally don't believe in assisting with your dragon shedding at all, and I never have done so. If your dragon has items in the tank it can rub its face on, it knows how to get rid of the nose shed if it needs to.

A lot of times, we think it bothers them more than it actually bothers them.


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I agree their nose plugs usually come out on their own most of the time. They will rub their noses on
things in the tank, so no need to help them. If it does get stuck a bath will normally help out. The skin
is very thin & fragile there!


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