Normal shedding behavior?

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Last time Haku shed I wasn't at home and he did it all at once so by the time I got out of work he was done.

Today I woke up to feed him and saw he was shedding a little so I figured it would take a while and I would spray him later. I went outside to wash my car and came back in, he looked about the same so I sprayed him with the water bottle. After I was done spraying him I went to stroke his head like I always do and he opened his mouth and put his tongue out like he thought my hand was his food. :/

Then after I put him down I went outside and came back in and he was all puffed up like a big balloon. He seriously was so puffed he looked like he was about to float away. Is this normal shedding behavior? A tactic to help the shed come off? Should I not pick him up again until he is done? I was gonna give him a bath tonight but now I'm not sure, I don't want him to bite me.


Was he warm to the touch? He could have just been gaping if he was basking for a while. Or, because he was shedding, he may have been a little annoyed and didn't want to be touched. Like you said, the last time he shed you weren't around for it so he may not understand you're trying to help him yet. I always bath mine and gently rub the shedding area. Kinda like softly scratching him to give him some relief and aid in parting with his former skin. He seems to like it now that he knows what it does. Plus, it was right after he woke up, so he may have still been a little grumpy :p

As far as the puffing part, mine does the same thing during his shed. He puffs up and then depuffs and repeats it for a little while. I can only assume this is to help break away the shedding skin from his body. I got Rex about a month ago and freaked out when I first saw him do it because it was in the morning after he fed and I thought he may have been choking on a cricket. I've gone through 3 sheds with him so far and he does the same thing everytime he sheds.

Hope this helped.


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Thanks for your help. :]

How long do you usually leave yours in the bath for? I'm gonna give him one in a bit.


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Putting his tongue out could have been him trying to lick you (to 'smell' you essentially, and confirm you are who he thinks you are) or just licking water off his nose from the spray. I've had my bearded dragon over a year and she still licks me on occasion when I put my hand in her tank. I notice when she gets "mouthy" like that, she's more receptive to drinking or eating new items.

The puffing is probably due to shed or morning exercises.

I give my beardie baths anywhere from 10-20 minutes. You'll be able to tell if your beardie is enjoying it, and it's ok to leave him in longer if he likes it, so long as the water doesn't get too cold. :)
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