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Normal post brumation behavior

My girl is starting to wake up from brumation. She was awake for a day last week, went back to sleep , and woke up again today. She has been eating and basking all day but has a lot of stress marks and is running from my hand when I go in the tank. She is also starting to shed as-well.
Is it normal for them to be skittish for a while after waking up?


BD.org Sicko
Staff member
Yeah this is normal based on what I've seen. Eventually she'll have more awake days than sleepy days and then may start to be really hyperactive for a while.


Original Poster
She has been very active and running around like crazy and eating all of her salads.

She has also been having more bowel movments than she usually did before brumation. She has been pooping atleast once a day, but also passing urate by itself once or twice a day. She did have a few hornworns this week and I do heavily spray her salads with water. Before brumation she was only pooping every few days.

Is the extra pooping and urate normal after waking up from brumation?

I do also plan on making a vet appointment within the next week for a fecal and general checkup.

Set up includes:
40 gallon breeder
24in reptisun t8 10.0 just replaced a few days ago
100wat basking bulb that can be raised or lowered to adjust Temps if needed
Substrate is non adhesive shelf liner
Temps: basking 95°-100°f cool side 75°-80°f and warm side 85°-90°
Main diet includes: arugula bokchoy dandelion greens mustard greens and collard greens
Bslf, dubias,
Repashy calcium plus every other day in salads
She also gets fruit and diffrent veggies on her greens a few times a week and also supers and hornworms occasionally


BD.org Sicko
Staff member
The more frequent pooping is likely related to the increased activity level and is common. It sounds like your setup is good too.
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