Normal for beardie to just get "moody"? Also Care Opinions.

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oh I forgot to add I've been giving him bathes every day now and he poops every time.

thanks for the help here, this is a great resource.
I have an eerily similar situation to yours and I'm just now trying to bring my beardie up to speed too. He eats about 35 crickets a day and im going to start giving him more until i find out about many he can eat until he stops. Like you (i think) i wasn't properly informed until i found this sight. I hope we can both get our beardies to the healthy states they should be in! I felt so bad when I found out i wasn't giving my berko the most proper care.


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If you can, bring your beardie outside for some real sunlight while waiting to get paid for the bulb. If it isnt too chilly. It will help out a lot and like other said you are better off not using that zilla bulb at all.
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Okay lol so as I was told my baby was a boy when I rescued him hehe well I took him to my vet and was advised he is a she ! I was thinking of renaming her to Virgo from Toothless any suggestions for names 😊🥰
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