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Normal brumation weight loss


Hi all, we are first time owners of a brumating Rankins... we just wanted to verify that this is 'normal' weight loss during brumation...
Date Weight
11/16/20 138.8 g
11/25/20 137.5 g (this is after she ate a little bit she woke her up at this time)
12/20/20 133.6 g


BD.org Sicko
Staff member
That's a pretty small amount to lose, so I'd consider it within a normal range. That's around 3.7% weight loss over a month. I've recorded 4-5% weight loss over several months with my adult dragon during brumation. They may wind up losing a bit more during the active period after brumation (this varies between dragons) but wind up gaining it back when their attention returns to food.
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