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Hello everyone! My name is Newts, I'm located near Sacramento, CA, and I have a bit of a problem. I have a male and a female bearded dragon, and they grew up together and get along very well. My female laid her first fertile clutch a month ago, and since she laid 30 viable eggs, we don't wish to breed her again yet. However, my male still wants to breed, and it's making him act aggressively towards our female bearded dragon. In the past, when we would let him mount our female, he would be calm for a while after that. But, since he hasn't been able to breed, he's gotten pent up and he needs to get some of his juice out. :lol: He's a hypo tiger, very very gorgeous and very sweet (aside from when he is rowdy due to wanting to breed) and I'm looking to let him be a stud for someone's female beardie. I just want him to get his rocks off so he'll calm down a little bit, but I don't know where to look. Does anyone have any ideas? Or do any of you live in the area and are looking for a sire for a new clutch? I can post pictures if needed :)
I know you posted this a little while ago, and perhaps you've solved the problem since, but here's my input. I have a similar male, and have discovered that it doesn't matter what time of year it is or really how often he gets his rocks off. If he's around the ladies, he wants to breed.

The only viable option for you is probably going to be to separate them. You don't want to add more stress to your girl's system by getting her hormones out of wack in an effort to let him get a release, and even if he does get one, he'll want another as long as he's around her. If she's not around him, he'll calm down.


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I'd have to agree with winkydinks. It would be nice to provide him as a sire if someone is looking, but separating them would be the best option. :)
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