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Noob - new to bearded dragons and just need overall advice


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Hi I just got my beardie (Bahamut) a couple days ago, he's a month old and he's only ate once (fed him three dubia roaches then he refused to eat more) which was yesterday; I am aware of relocation stress and today I gave him a warm bath, attempted to feed him more and he rejects however he is hydrated as I made sure he drank water - more so he just been staring at me the past two hours; what do I do? He is responsive and moves his head from time to time; he hasn't pooped yet and he is shedding. I just want to make sure if he is okay. :blob8: :study: :?


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Hi there!

Since your beardie is so young, I’d suggest leaving him alone for a day or two to acclimate might be a good idea and then try hanging out with him again. It’s also suuuper important to handle them everyday so he gets used to you! Cutting things into smaller pieces is helpful as well. Hope this helps a bit! You got this, I believe in you!!!


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Welcome to the forum----- relocation stress will cause lack of appetite but he should be eating something if he quits there is something off basking temps should be 105-110 taken w/ a digital probe thermometer A MUST -- NO coils for UVB long tube fixture like a Zoo Med Sunblaster Nano or Acradia Pro T5 w/ a Reptisun 10.0 T 5 bulb for tanks 18" high and / or a Arcadia 12% bulb -- NO SAND NO HEAT MATS OR ROCKS AND NO COLORED BULBS PLEASE --- he should be fed fresh salads every day along w/ a good staple feeder like BSFL dubia roaches crickets or silk worms ---
these bowls work great for salads and insects
Make sure your dusting the insects 5 x per week w/ calcium D3 ONCE per feeding lightly coated
vitamins w/ beta carotene 2 x per week ONCE per feeding lightly coated
anymore questions please ask
Its best to get feeders online than the pet stores---
www.symtonbsf.com DO NOT DUST THESE -- use these as lures to the salad bowl -- feed as many as you want and use them to hand feed him and hand tame him
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