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i have a 6 month old blood red bearded dragon. i got him when he was about a month old. he literally grew about 1/8 of an inch since i've gotten him, so i've had him for 5 months. he eats like a pig, never sheds and wont grow. i have another beardie (5 years old) and when he was a baby he grew like a weed. can someone explain why mine isnt growing? i have all the proper lights and care for him too.


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If he's getting enough protein and calcium and good UVB and his temps are okay, then maybe he's just a slow grower? I've only had adults so far but I've heard youngun's sometimes grow in spurts, instead of constantly.
Or maybe he has parasites. You could get a fecal done to rule those out. A high enough parasite load could probably slow/stunt a dragon's growth, since I believe parasites feed off of whatever nutrients the dragon ingests
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