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Hi all,
I had a heck of a time keeping Stuby worm the past two day's
Hear in Hocking/Fairfeild Co. in Ohio. :banghead: Electice was out! I had to keep him with me at all times. The house it's self droped to 30 degree's or below.
My question is how did everyone else keep their Bearded worm?


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I heard about those hand wormers a day too late. My power came back on late Friday afternoon. I keeped him worm with boby heat, and staying under the blankets.


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It's good to try and create a beardie emergency kit and have a few things on hand just in case.

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Here's a link to a thread about beardie disaster/emergency kits [ Invalid URL Removed / p= t=39278 f=1 ]

Dawn :)
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oh yeah also hes massive now and he broke his hammock
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My female bearded dragon has recently started gasping for air all the time. She can’t get sleep or really do anything because she has such a difficult time breathing. I think it might be a RI but I’m not completely sure. Any thoughts?

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