Night infrared light?

I've read places that infrared isn't a color that beardy's can see. I'm a new beardy owner should I install one to keep my beardy from going into brumation, or let nature run its course when it eventually happens? Right now I'm running a 36" reptisun T5 10.0 and zoo med 150w basking during the day. Please give me any info. She's going through her first shed with me. I bathed her for roughly 5-10 mins today to help with her shedding, and haven't been handling her much the past couple days since she started. Thanks everyone!

Claudiusx Sicko
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Dragons have an extra cone in their eye compared to human eyes. This allows them to see much more of the light spectra than humans can, and most likely in a much more vivid manner.
If you can see the light it produces, your dragon can too.

IF you want extra heat at night, you will want a ceramic heat emitter. The red/black/blue "nighttime" bulbs are light sources that will disturb your dragons sleep.


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