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Hello everyone! So my girl has a bearded dragon whos enclosure needs to be upgraded. She has been thinking about buying a bigger enclosure but instead of her buying one I wanted to make her one. So ive watched some videos and did some research. I thought i was ready to go ahead and start this adventure for her but turns out i am not at all........... I am having a little trouble trying to find out which plywood is the best to use. I went out to my hardware store and bought maple but i think i got waay to thin. i bought 1/4 only to realize there is no possible way i can screw these pieces together without either splitting the wood or even getting it to go in. So I was wondering if you guys have recommendation on what size wood i should get? I know to avoid certain ones due to it being toxic to the bearded dragons. Should i stick with maple and just get a more thicker size? Also is 2x4 enough room? He is a fully grown boy. Thank you for the help!

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Welcome to the forum! Are you following a specific build (crossfire for example) or just a general size?

The Maple wood is a good choice. Thin is OK but you'd want to build a frame out of maybe 2x2's and then cut some notches into the sides between the frame ends so you can slide the maple board in between them like a panel. This is kind of how the Zen habitats come (using aluminum frame and bamboo board) which allows them to pack flat. If you want to start over, using a slightly thicker board would work too.

2x4' is a good base size, but if you have room for a larger enclosure, go for it. You could build higher to allow for climbing space, or wider to create more room to run around on the ground. That's up to you really.

Have you thought about which kind of doors you are going to use? Sliding doors on tracks are popular. I like the idea of building a frame with glass in the center and then hinges along the bottom edge of the enclosure and a latch on the top. Then you can unlatch it and the front will just drop down out of the way. Using glass is more expensive but less prone to scratching than using acrylic.

I also advise setting the vents up so that they are low on the cool side of the enclosure and high on the warm side. That will help ventilation via convection.

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