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Heya everyone, I just have a couple of newbie questions to gain some knowledge on some things I want to know before getting this beardie. I haven't got my bearded dragon yet but have everything that it requires. I have a 40g breeder, with a 100w PowerSun MVB bulb for UVB/heat source, hiding rock, water bowl, repti-carpet, and plastic log for basking.

Here's a set of questions:
1.) What is the best object to use as a basking spot? Not sure if this log cuts it.
2.) Being a hot-natured person, I'm concerned that the heat lamp may heat the rest of my room. Is this possible?
3.) What is the average monthly cost of maintaining a healthy beardie?
4.) I'm a little nervous keeping such a hot lamp going on when I go off to class. Is it a big fire hazard?
5.) I'm testing out my basking spot, and it's only reading 96F and it's been on for about an hour. Shouldn't it be higher? If so, how can I get an increase in temp.

Also, just any advice on what to do with my cage would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for all these newb questions, but I'm very excited about my new pet and wanna make sure it has a perfect environment (atleast for what my budget allows :p) Thanks guys!!!


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we like to use a real rock for the basking area, it absorbs and holds heat. they can lay on it and get some good heat on their bellies to digest food. it should take an hour or two to warm the basking area using a mvb. if you're not getting high enough temps, drop the light an inch and check the temp every 15 minutes until you're in the range ya want, we keep our babies and adults basking areas around 110. but with the mvb, they can bask on the outer part of it for a cooler temp to regulate. the lights are going to add heat to your room. the smaller the room the more noticable it would be. The lamps used correctly with ceramic sockets are very safe. i'm sure theres a risk of fire with any light. but i never heard of anybody's reptile enclosure burning down.
Cost wise, our little guy was setting us back an eaay $20-30 a week on food. Good fresh veggies and a couple hundred crickets a week sure add up quick!
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