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Hello everybody. I am starting my new viv tomorrow and I have a couple of questions. The viv is going to be 6' long, 2.5' wide and 2.5' tall. I was wondering if a 24" reptisun 10.0 tube will be enough for that size viv ( I think it's small). I was thinking to put one 48" tube in there, is it the same thing as 2 24'' uv wise? Also can I use a regular fluorescent light fixture ( I have a couple in my shop) on a reptisun tube? Any answer will be greatly appreciated
Thank you

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wow that is a big viv!!!

i would also recommend you check into megaray mvbs at they're the best heat/uv lamps combined out there and you may need extra power with such a big tank!


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you can use any uv fixture you can get ur hands on! lol! i just built a couple vivs and i found some at home depot on sale for real cheap. my vivs are 4'x2x2 and im using a 24'' reptisun mounted on the inside.

that is going to be a huge viv! will you be able to get it in your house? because mine is cutting it really close and i have to take the doors off to get it thru an interior door.


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Shut bandit man, almost got a hearth attack ... lol. I can make it through the porch door.... (lucky bastard...) I am planning to put 2 dragons in there. What do you think if i put like a small " pond" in there, let's say with 1/2 inch water in there, I have an old aquarium pump that I can use. I don't think it will raise the humidity to much being such a big viv.
Any help will be appreciated
Do you think that a 24" uv will be enough?


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that sounds pretty cool! lol! i dont see a problem with that...NOT TO SURE! im not too sure what the max humidity can be... i have 24'' uvs in my tank but mine is 6'' shorter than your viv. you may want to build some sort of a bracket or something to try and get the bulb closer to where the dragon will be at most of the time...
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