New Uromastyx - some newbie questions

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I will have to check out the facebook page again. I mostly go there to see everyone's pictures. I check this and the repticzone uro page every day though. I just love seeing everyone else's lizards. I also love to watch beardie and uro videos on youtube. I just love lizards I guess! If you haven't seen it yet.. you have to watch the uromastyx belly tickle / belly rub videos on youtube. It's SO cute.

Porcelain tile sounds perfect. Put up some pictures when you have it all figured out!


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I will have to check out the utube videos and I will definitely put up some pictures once I have it figured out.

I have a question about flowers. I have roses here and I read that they like them. Do I just feed them the pedals or do I take the whole head of the flower and give it to them? They didn't seem very impressed about the pedals. Same thing for other flowers of course.... do I feed the whole flower or just the pedals?


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With roses, I feed him just the petals because the green part of the rose is very tough. Hibiscus you can feed the whole flower. Dandelions you can feed the whole flower. Pansies - whole flower.

I found that Gordo was not much interested in rose petals either. He likes dandelions and pansies. I have not tried hibiscus because I don't have any. You have to make sure that there are no pesticides. That's why I don't feed him anything that wasn't grown on my property. I also avoid the rose bush that's in the corner of my yard because I don't know if the neighbors use pesticides.
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