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Hello fellow reptile lovers... i'm new to the portland/beaverton area.. i just moved here about a month and a half ago, im from Pennsylvania, where reptile shows are plentiful. I just went to some reptile place in tigard, house of reptiles? kinda cool place. anyway im trying to get my beardie and leopard geckos on this coast, but im looking for specific housing, maybe a melamine 4x2x2 enclosure? maybe another glass tank, not really sure... Im wondering if anyone here is savy in the construction area and who wouldn't mind helping me make/buy some sort of enclosure, so i can ship my reptiles out here.. anyway im also looking to make some friends, im 28, a school counselor, and out looking for some ideas, shops, suggestions, affordable supplies, etc. cheers


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I saw you posted, and am quite far away, Alaska. But wanted to share that I was able to score some display cases from a business and converted them to really cool enclosures. I'd be happy to share what I did if you were looking in that avenue as well. I also know that the crossfire enclosures are relatively easy to build and I can post a link to those if you want. I have some links to some of locations of supplies too, as I bookmarked them for future reference.

I have a two beardies, a Chinese Water Dragon and a baby Leopard Gecko. Hope this finds you well!



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Simple designs would be best. I'm really limited on tools so cuts would have to be made at home depot or lowes first. And links to supplies would be good too. I want something that is durable. Not that heavy (ideally). Not goin to break the bank.

I like the 4x2x2melamine enclosures, but would prefer glass as opposed to plexy and saw some plans. Just looking for other ideas as well


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WELCOME! Im a neighbor to the north (Washington). Hopefully you can find someone that can help :) I was looking at my book case was just poped in my head that it would be super easy to make that into a viv for my beardie. Im looking for someone up around here that might be willing to make a viv for me since i would like a bigger one. If i find anyone i can maybe send em your way :) Also if you want you can check craigslist every so often, When i was researching beardies i saw a bunch of custom made enclosures
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