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I was starting to read about bearded dragons with my 9 yr old son and was planning on adopting when I was surprised by somebody who brought 2 babies home from a chain pet store. Not how I planned on welcoming our first bearded dragon, but now they are here and I want to take good care of them.

They are little - I'm not sure of their age but I'm thinking one may be 5-6 weeks and another around 4. I will be separating them this weekend and hope everybody's toes make it until then. I have a zoo med set up that came home with them and am using a single piece mat substrate that is cleaned daily. They are getting water, crickets, chopped kale (ignored) and moistened baby dragon chow (also ingored, except by the crickets). They had their first soaks today in warm water, and I added pedialyte to the little one's soak - he isn't eating as much as the bigger one; I am hoping this improves after setup changes. The little one pooped in the water.

I am having a bit of trouble with the reflection on the glass - I think they can see themselves and think it's a threat. I've taped paper towels to the outside of the tank at the bottom, but I think they are still getting a glare. I'm anxious to put anything on the inside though for fear they will eat it. Has anybody had a similar problem? Any ideas?

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I have not had those problems, maybe they are glass dancing??????? Welcome to the boards , make sure you check out the nutrition guide on here its great :) any questions always ask! post pics when you can :)
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