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New swollen bump on chin - worries start of mouth rot??


New member
I have a three year old male bearded dragon, he is eating/pooing fine, carrying on as his usual self. But I did notice from coming from work that a scab from his chin has swollen and turned from pink to black in colour. I am worried that it could be the start of mouth rot or another infection. I am ringing my local exotic bet tomorrow morning to get an appointment to check the area and overall health check just incase. Though any help would be greatly appreciated! I have attached when I first noticed the scab to how it is now today


BD.org Sicko
Staff member

That isn't mouth rot but it looks painful. Does he rub his chin on the glass in his tank?
You could try using some raw, unpasteurized honey on that area for awhile to help with
infection. The scab is likely built up like a callous from continued rubbing on his tank. The
vet should be able to give an analysis & diagnose whether or not it is infected.
Is his appetite good or does it seem to bother him right now?

Let us know how the vet visit goes!
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