New setup, need to sell

I don't want to get into too much detail surrounding the circumstances since this is a family court case. But long story short, my niece made some claims about her situation at home which led us to believe that we needed to immediately get a setup for her bearded dragon at our house. We spent close to $500 on this on Saturday and I spent a couple of hours rearranging my living room so he would have a good, safe spot to live. Found out today that many lies were told. The store won't take it back because, try as we might to stop her, my niece just TEARS into packaging.

We are in central New Hampshire, US. We're willing to travel like an hour or so (maybe longer) to meet someone somewhere neutral. We spent $490 on the setup. Breaking even would be ideal, but we're willing to entertain other offers.

Setup includes:
  • 50 Gal Exo-Terra Natural Terrarium Reptile Habitat (36"W x 18"D x 18"H). There is a brand-new little humidity/temp meter stuck to the glass.
  • Zoo Med Laboratories LF-60 Terrarium Hood T8.
  • 18" Reptisun 10.0 UVB bulb for the above Terrarium Hood.
  • Some weird looking black hood thing that fits two bulbs. Dome lamp? IDK, there are pictures.
  • Thrive Basking Bulb. Model #5314732 100W/110V. It's white light and emits UVA.
  • Inertek 5000456 Heat bulb.
  • Substrate, poorly cut by an obstinate 12 year old to fit the tank. It is still too big to fit the tank. The trim isn't so bad that it can't be trimmed better.
  • Water dish.
  • Food dish.
  • Little cave-looking thing.
  • Bearded dragon hammock.
  • Feeding tongs. Still in original packaging, but it's a little open.
Everything is shown in the pictures (some using different angles). The tank was never used by anything. The lights (and the heat bulb) were on for a few hours on Saturday because my niece was convinced they were going to burn the house down. The house is still standing.


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Have you tried returning to another store? Maybe call before hand and explain that you were expecting to have a beardie but something happened and you no longer will have it. Tell them you threw away the packaging expecting to have the beardie but you have your receipt. (Which I’m assuming you have) Also, I recommend going to the Petsmart website and read over there refund/exchange policy. Just because says no doesn’t mean that it’s in the policy.

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