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You can do it yourself, just use a small LED flashlight curl its tail up over its back(gently) shone the light from the top, look on the bottom. If its a male there will ve 2 hemipenes one parallel on each side of his tail. You may have to wait till your beardie is a bit older for them to develop enough to be able to see them. Be careful not to burn your dragon those little LED"S can get really hot.

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Hi there, sorry to read that the first baby died , I can tell just looking at it that he/she wasn't well. Did you get this baby from the same place and did you buy all your supplies there ? The tank is beautiful but a very " busy " set up is best avoided, a simple set up is best for babies not to be overwhelmed or have a hard time finding food, etc. especially for a sick baby. Hopefully their stock of beardies are not sick, the first baby should have been active from the start. Be careful of mealworms as a staple as was mentioned, and the loose shredded wood are also an impaction hazard. A plain tank with 1-2 basking logs and 1-2 rocks [ real or fake ] is ideal for babies. That's how they are set up when they're hatched [ I hatched a ton of them ] Fancier + more decor can be added as they get bigger.

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