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So my dad just got a bearded dragon last Sunday. He's very skittish at the moment and only let's me hold him. I've never had a bearded dragon so I'm reading as much as possible but I'm finding nothing but contradictory statements about how to keep him healthy and hopefully get him comfortable and happy. He is an adult and atleast a year old. I feed him twice daily breakfast being balanced diet pellet and mealworm mix and dinner is superworms and fruit/greens. Sunday dinner (all my pets get Sunday special dinner) is some live crickets that he gets to hunt around the enclosure. What is the calcium powder for, he came with a jar of it? I found a few lists of foods but mom keeps asking if he can have banana, I haven't seen a definite yes or no but I haven't given it to him yet since it has a similar consistency to Avocado and I heard that can cause mouth rot because it's too soft. I am very confused and any advice on how to properly care for Puff the magic dragon will be very appreciated.

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Hiccup he is 5 and Blaze is 3
Welcome the first thing we need to go over is the lighting in the tank -- NO COILS for uvb's-- next NO STICKONS for getting basking temps-- you need a digital probe thermometer- basking temps need to be 95-100-- once we get those figured out we will go over diet-- he will not eat or stop eating if these are not correct- they are the MOST IMPORTANT things in the tank- NO COLORED BULBS NO HEAT MATS OR ROCKS OR SAND-- you need a bright white basking bulb no off white or yellowish -

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The basking side of my tank isn't getting up to the suggested 100degrees. Does that mean I need to get a new basking light?
does her poop look healthy?
In your perspective does my baby bearded dragon look healthy or unhealthy? Does she look bloated? she is active and eats very well also she is in her basking spot all day
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