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New beardie owner down here in Northern Arkansas. Got my dragon on January 23 from petco. I've always wanted one since I was a little kid but always got told no but I finally got around to getting one this year. I currently have her (I think) in a 20 gallon tank. I've got a friend working on building me a 48"x24"x18" enclosure to transfer to when it's done. Back in early February she was around 8-9 inches long and weighed her it was 17grams not sure of exact age.

I've got a reptisun T5 HO 24 inch reflector with a 22 inch T5 10.0 bulb in it for uvb and dual 75w heat bulbs for basking with one always on and the other when needed. Everything is hooked up to a timer for a day night cycle. Temperature is checked with an infared thermometer. Basking area usually stays between 95 to 105 and cold side usually sits around 80 with the lowest night time temp being 70.

Food consists of veggies daily (never eats them) and mostly dubias sometimes dusted with reptivite or calcium without D3. Sometimes crickets and tried hornworms but didn't seem to like them much.

Had a few days where she wouldn't eat and took a fecal sample in and they found worms so got that taken care of and eating way better now. So far has only shed once but think she is getting ready to shed again. Gets a couple baths a week when I can get her to stay in the water. She gets black stripes on her beard when I put her in her tank and they go away as soon as I get her out and has never done a full black beard so far. She doesn't seem to mind the parakeets or the mini dachshund in the house either, or the 3 little kids running around on the weekends making all kinds or noise.

Thanks for reading to the end of my long essay above. All suggestions/questions/comments are welcome. Will do the best I can to reply. Most of the time I just lurk around the different threads.


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Sounds like you got it handled and the tank looks good. Beautiful little dragon! Nice patterns! You have done your homework, when I got my first beardie, I needed lots of help from this forum because I had not done enough research before hand. We’ve got it down for the most part now lol. They rule our lives haha 😅 My baby didn't like hornworms until she was a little older. Only thing I’d say you could tweak is the temps she propably wouldn’t mind between 105-110 sometimes. They tend to start liking the cooler temps when they mature. Lucky little dragon though tank looks great and we are happy you fulfilled your life long dream of getting a beardie! This is our babe grown and baby Frey’ja


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