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I am new to owning a beardie. I bought him because his owner was neglecting him and I didn't want him to suffer. I've had Pascal for almost 2 months and have researched as much as possible to educate myself on how to care for him. He is on his 2nd shed in 2 months, growing like a weed, loves to swim, loves giant mealworms, crickets, kale and gourmet beardie food. I found he LOVES craisins (only give him 1-2/ week as I've read they're not healthy in abundance) He DOES NOT LIKE green peppers, squash, carrots, apples or mango. I recently purchased a custom built enclosure that housed another beardie. The beardie that lived in it for 3 months suddenly passed away. The owners put so much time and love into this enclosure, so I paid $200 for it. Built in uvb/basking light/area, built in temp gauges (hot/cool) a humidity gauge, climbing room, front open doors with plexiglass, a vent on each side, a custom 3ft hammock, vinyl flooring. My question is, I obviously cleaned the entire enclosure well. When I put Pascal in, he turned BLACK mostly his beard, head, upper body, puffed his beard, was opening his mouth wide as if to hiss. I immediately removed him and he calmed down on my shoulder. He has never been aggressive. The wood used for the enclosure is raw, untreated (smells looks like pine) previous owner says it's FUR board. I read to use oil based, polyurethane and allow to dry/air out for a month. Can anyone please help me? I love this little guy and am doing my best to help him be happy. I definitely don't want to harm in with the enclosure. It's 3ft x 3 ft and 2 ft high. Was he behaving that way because it was new, because the odor of wood (read pine, cedar are toxic) or could he sense the other beardie that previously resided/passed away?? He mostly stays on his tree limb in his basking area, seldom goes in his hide. He is 18" long now, alert, responsive, eating, swimming and shedding. Needs a bigger enclosure. Please any advice on if sealing the enclosure will make it safe and his behavior when in it would be greatly appreciate. I'm so stressed out

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This needs to be addressed by one of our more experienced on here I will flag someone who can help you

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It may just take a while for him to get used to the new space. They don't always like change right away. Do be sure to sanitize the surfaces in the enclosure using a veterinary disinfectant like F10 or Rescue in order to kill off any potential nasties that may be there.

As far as the wood goes, I've read that cedar can produce toxins (sap based?) that can harm reptiles. If it is fir I don't think that will be an issue. You can seal it with Polyurethane. You probably don't need a whole month for it to set. Probably a few days between coats if you apply more than one coat and then wait until it has hardened and is no longer producing any smell.
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