new enclosure, what do you guys think?

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found this display case for 50 dollars and figured id give it a go and try to turn it into a new home for dino, i still have some things i want to do with it but its definitely livable for him, he seems to enjoy it. Will have to get more pictures up when i have it completed, any ideas on what i could fix or make better please feel free, i want it to be the best for him.







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You got that for $50!?
It looks great, seems a bit taller than most other vivariums though.
Something like that around here is over $100 ranging up to $500. :banghead: Custom making one would cost me $250. :banghead:
As you might have guessed I'm jealous.


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That is a slick enclosure.. My only fear would be a fall. Looks a little high. other then that looks great! nice job!


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yea i found the case at an antique/thrift store that was either going out of business or relocating. She had two other cases for sale as well, another the same size as this one and then one that was probably 7-8 foot long with the other dimensions being the same as the other two. I think she wanted 110 for the huge one. If i had the room, money, and enough animals to keep i probably would have taken them all. I was worried about the height too but once i put the red platform in its not so bad. The top shelf is 10"wide and he has had no problems with it as of yet. Wish i would have done the slate tiles on the floor somewhat like the shelves, more of a textured look. But then again i only paid like 5 bucks for about 15 slate tiles from a builders discount so they were probably not the best tiles to begin with. I need to get a smaller bulb for basking as well. I have a 60 watt and it takes the temps up to 114.6, so hopefully a 40 watt will keep it around 105. I dont know what id do without that little y shaped log. he sleeps on that thing every night, looks so goofy with his gut hanging off the sides
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