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I moved my bearded dragon today to a 75 gallon tank just not sure if set up is good or not lighting is a exoterra basking bulb 100 watt uvb is a t5 12% both about 10-11 inches away wondering if you belive set up is good or any suggestions to change or modify my set up I will check on her 1 hour later to see if shes ok I will check temps a hour later aswell if she doesnt like it I will stick to the mvb shes always been using I will also add more decor later


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I put her back into her 40 gallon temps weren't high enough I will get a 150 watt bulb and then move her and see how it goes from there


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Looking at the distance from the lights and, the fact that your (often incorrect) thermometer and, it's location...... I would say that the temperatures were close to right.
You will need to get an IR Heat gun to check temps or a digital probe type thermometer. Those spring type thermometers can be off as much as 20°+/- .
You could also raise the basking area about 3" if you want because the screen top you have will cut the UVB by 20% +/- .


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I was using the ir and my beardi seemed a bit tired I belive it wasnt hot enough I will see what I can do to fix it thanks for the response moved her to her 40 gallon and seems happier I will have to do some more testing I think I will just use a mvb 160 watt powersun shes using a 100 watt mvb and seems to enjoy it


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You have to take into consideration that relocation stress will be a factor as well. The fact that he was moved into a strange new world, full of new dangers (to him..... We know that there are none) and things unfamiliar to him. He will act lazy or lethargic for a while until he gets used to his new home. Your setup was fine and, I personally wouldn't use an mvb on my dragons.
BTW how old is your dragon?

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