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Looking to just share some pictures of your cool setup?! Check out the Enclosure Photos media gallery category!

Browse other pics, provide comments/feedback on what you see... give a star rating! I'm looking forward to seeing what you all post. Oh! Don't forget to visit the Enclosure Photos category and set a "Watch" on it if you'd like to be notified of new pictures to look at! You can opt to either get just an alert on the upper right of the page, or an email notification (in case you want to know about them even if you're not a frequent visitor).

By the way, if you're on mobile, I suggest that you turn your phone sideways (horizontal) if you would like to rate/comment on images. When in that wider mode, most mobile's should show the "<<" icon on the right to slide in the info/comments bar. This is lacking on the vertical mode unfortunately.
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