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We are starting a new dubia roach colony for our bearded dragon. We only have the one dragon who is about 6 months old. How many adults should I use to start this colony? The price of purchasing roaches for our dragon has gotten too expensive which is why we are starting our own colony but I don't want to go too crazy.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!


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Just be aware that dubia roaches take about 5-6 months to reach maturity. So it really would depend on how fast you wanted to grow your colony. You also need to keep in mind you need about 5 females to every male. And keep their temps as close to 90F as you can for fastest breeding.

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I usually recommend starting with as many adults as you can afford. If they are overproducing for you, you can always sell some extra down the line to offset the costs, or donate them to pet stores.

You are looking at probably a 4-6 month time investment before you can sustainably feed out of your colony since you're going to be needing the larger sized roaches based on your dragons age.



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not necessarily breeding advice, but i think another thing to consider is how many roaches you will be feeding at the time your colony is established. at the age of your dragon my guy was eating easily 40+ of em twice a day. now that he's getting closer to 2 years, he eats bugs 3 times a week and only wants between 3 and 5 roaches on those days since they are larger. this might help you decide how many adults to start with to sustain those future numbers.

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